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Keeping Track

If you feel like exploring lists of good books!

I was asked to contribute a list of my favorite books for a website, Shepard.com

I could pick any topic and then name my list of favorites.


I chose my favorite books by African American and Caribbean Female writers.


Here's my list


It's like a blog post, but on a different website. They have great lists by other authors. Check it out!

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Got an agent

I am no stranger to rejection. I’ve had high hopes and seen them dashed. This last novel, I wrote to make myself laugh. Being so serious and “literary” was really not working out for me. I figured I would not get myself too worked up about publishing it. I set a goal for myself. I would find twenty agents to submit to. I would work my way down the list. If I got to the end of the list with no takers, then I would self-publish.  Read More 

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