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I wrote the cover story for the Jewish Chronicle.

I have signed a contract for my next book with St. Martin's

For now I will keep quiet about what it is going to be about. Just doing the research and figuring out the structure.

And Panicking!  Can I do this story?

I better get to work...

A Real Book Signing!

I had so much fun at the book signing at the Red Wheelbarrow in Paris on June 6th. Guigui's family came: her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Other descendants from the other nine women came as well. I felt honored.

Foreign Rights!

UK cover design

The wonderful team at St. Martin's have sold foreign publishing rights to the UK, Canada, Italy, Finland, The Netherlands, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Japan, Poland, Lithuania, China, Romania, Slovakia, France and Hungary! It's a very exciting time. I feel lucky to work with such a brilliant team.

French Edition!

The Nine is finally out in French!!!

Cover for the Italian version of The Nine

Cover of the Dutch version!

This is the Cover for the Portuguese edition published in Brazil!


 Cover from the Romanian edition.

The Slovenian cover for the Nine.

Japanese Version of The Nine

Here is the cover from the edition of The Nine published in Finland!

Reading Guide Available

Reading Guide & Questions for Discussion (2.96 MB)

If your book club agrees to buy ten or ore copies of The Nine, I would be happy to zoom in and join you for a discussion Q&A. Here's a reading guide for discussion.