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The Hiding Game

The true story of Varian Fry, my great-Uncle Danny Benedite and the Rescue Committee. With their courageous efforts, they saved over 2200 lives from the Death Camps, including famous authors, artists, musicians and poets, such as Marc Chagall, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, and Aube Breton, the daughter of Andre Breton.

I wrote the book hoping to tell a little bit about this heroic story, and how art and laughter helped those fighting against fascism.

It's also about refugees, and unlikely heroes who bravely stood up against the Nazi threat. I feel it is a story that is relevant today and one I wanted to share with children.

I have worked on this project for several years, involving true events and my own family, so I feel really proud that it finally took solid form! The book is dedicated to the memory of my grandmother Zabeth.