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News & Upcoming Virtual Events


May 23 at 10:30 AM EST (4:30PM CEST- finally a time for friends in France)

  • Book talk with Jennifer Rosen, author of The Yellow Bird Sings.
    Join us for a conversation about our books and the process of research and writing.
  • Presented by the JCC of Syracuse in partnership with the Mandel JCC and the Golden Bee Bookshop.
  • CLICK HERE for more information and to register.

June 16 event with Atlanta History Center at noon EST (6PM CET - another good time for friends in France)

  • Join us for a special lunchtime conversation with author Jennifer Rosner and with Alison Law.
  • for more information CLICK HERE

BOOK CLUB Reading Guide

Reading Guide & Questions for Discussion (2.96 MB)

If your book club agrees to buy ten or ore copies of The Nine, I would be happy to zoom in and join you for a discussion Q&A. Here's a reading guide for discussion.

 PAST EVENT from April 6

  • Virtual Event on History Author Talks with Tim Brady, author of THREE ORDINARY GIRLS: The Remarkable Story of Three Dutch Teenagers Who Became Spies, Saboteurs, Nazi Assassins and WWII Heroes, and with Alex Kershaw, author of Avenue of Spies: A True Story of Terror, Espionage, and One American Family's Heroic Resistance in Nazi-Occupied Paris
  • If you missed the event here's the link to watch

UK cover design

The wonderful team at St. Martin's have sold foreign publishing rights to the UK, Canada, Italy, Finland, The Netherlands, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Japan, Poland, and Hungary! It's a very exciting time. I feel lucky to work with such a brilliant team.

Vermont Studio Center January 2020



The view from my perfect writing studio at the Vermont Studio Center where I was so lucky to get a month-long fellowship to work on The Nine. I could not have done it without this time and space. Endless gratitude!

Publishing contract with St. Martin's Press

Excited to report that my newest project, The Nine, A True Story of Nine Daring Women and Their Escape from The Third Reich, is now under contract with St. Martins and I will be working with a wonderful editor there, Elisabeth Dyssegaard.

Walter Benjamin, a refugee in Paris, spent his time in the national library.

I'm very proud that my essay was published in Catapult. Now I can stop obsessively re-writing it and get on with other projects!

Reading to the fifth graders of Garrison

I visited the Garrison Performing Arts School in Savannah and read The Hiding Game to 80 fifth graders. We played Cadavre Esquise together and talked about what it takes to write a book.

Some of the surrealist drawings we did together!
Collective collage at the book launch party

We had a wonderful book lunch in Savannah. I enjoyed seeing old friends and sharing the Hiding Game with others. We set up a table for people to make a collective collage as the artists did at the Villa Air-Bel.

Here's Danny hanging artwork at the Villa Bel-Air

My most recent publications include a novel excerpt titled "The Reef" in the Catamaran Literary Reader, two short short stories titled, "Ice" and "Take the Spaceship" in Two Bridges Literary Arts Journal, and my poem "Reading Kafka's Letters at Sea" in Sou'Wester.

ESOC performed Train of Stones at the Luxembourg Theater Festival this June!

Director Ruth Ann Armstrong as the Witch
The Fox Witch

I was so thrilled to see this performance of my poems with music and in a wonderful setting!

Trail of Stones by Gwen Strauss
31 August and 7 September 2013
Outdoor performances at the International Centre for Forestry Arts, Darmstadt