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Publishing contract with St. Martin's Press

Excited to report that my newest project, The Nine, A True Story of Nine Daring Women and Their Escape from The Third Reich, is now under contract with St. Martins and I will be working with a great editor there, Elizabeth Dyssegaard.

Walter Benjamin, a refugee in Paris, spent his time in the national library.
I'm very proud that my essay was published in Catapult. Now I can stop obsessively re-writing it and get on with other projects!

Reading to the fifth graders of Garrison
I visited the Garrison Performing Arts School in Savannah and read The Hiding Game to 80 fifth graders. We played Cadavre Esquise together and talked about what it takes to write a book.

Some of the surrealist drawings we did together!

Collective collage at the book launch party
We had a wonderful book lunch in Savannah. I enjoyed seeing old friends and sharing the Hiding Game with others. We set up a table for people to make a collective collage as the artists did at the Villa Air-Bel.

Seeing old friends at the party...

Reading at the Book Lunch Party

I've signed a contract with Pelican Publishing for my next children's picture book, Villa of Games, about Varian Fry, my uncle Danny Benedite, Aube Breton and her family and the others in Marseille in 1940 hoping for a way to escape the Nazis.

Here's Danny hanging artwork at the Villa Bel-Air

My most recent publications include a novel excerpt titled "The Reef" in the Catamaran Literary Reader, two short short stories titled, "Ice" and "Take the Spaceship" in Two Bridges Literary Arts Journal, and my poem "Reading Kafka's Letters at Sea" in Sou'Wester.

Ruth and the Green Book was selected by the Georgia Center for the Book as one of ten "Books All Young Georgians Should Read."

ESOC performed Train of Stones at the Luxembourg Theater Festival this June!

Director Ruth Ann Armstrong as the Witch

The Fox Witch

I was so thrilled to see this performance of my poems with music and in a wonderful setting!

Trail of Stones by Gwen Strauss
31 August and 7 September 2013
Outdoor performances at the International Centre for Forestry Arts, Darmstadt

Selected Works

Juvenile Nonfiction Ages 7-10, Grades 2-5
The True Story of a young Holocaust survivor
Children's picture book
In the early 1950s, newly built interstate highways invited Americans to travel by automobile, but the open road wasn't so open for African-Americans, especially in the South.
Until he meets Marcia, Eric doesn't speak -- the Night Shimmy does all the talking.
Strauss explores the theme of metamorphosis in fairy tales in this collection of poetry.
a series of poems in the form of a sonnet garland
Kay koule twompe soley men li pa twompe lapli. A leaky house can fool the sun, but it can't fool the rain. --Haitian Proverb
The adventure story of a young couple who sail to the Yucatan

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