Gwen Strauss

Crossing the Heart

photo by David Heymann
At les Galeries d’Anatomie Comparée

Revelations. We marvel at rows of skeletons in glass
cases. We come to Paris to speak grievances, to witness
this rupture after eleven years of marriage. I stop
at the case labeled tératologie, the study of anomalies,
monsters, Siamese pig embryos in amber liquid, other
mistakes. Further down containers hold tongues: a tapir;
the Pyrenees bear, (extinct); lungs of an argentine fox,
part of an elephant’s stomach, livers of tigers and llamas.

But the glory are the brains, shocking chalk white in each
individual urn. I am suddenly happy to see this, the calligraphy
of hand-written labels, the urge of the 19th century to collect,
as if the amassing of species, of memory, could mean we
know each other. How innocent, thrilling it is. Hopeful
to see jars of hearts, dissected, labeled, peeled apart.

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